A Story Of Self-Motivation In The Pursuit Of Happiness
Written in an engaging way, this inspired satire by distinguished writer and comic creator Mike Gagnon, follows the steps of Patty Jones, towards making her dreams come true.
Having lived all her life in the circus, surrounded by crazy people and degenerates, Patty finds it hard to get out of her comfort zone and take a leap into the unknown with a handsome lawyer who promises to change her destiny.
Will she DARE push aside her upsetting life events, admit her REAL NEEDS and gain a new, POSITIVE PERSPECTIVE of life that will lead her to happiness?
An original novella with an interesting cover, making allusion to that OTHER famous book series with a similar name.
Taking Our Destiny In Our Own Hands Is A Matter Of Positive Mindset
We all have suffered unfortunate past experiences that stood in our way for a healthy, balanced life.
Let’s follow Patty in her quest of self- fulfillment, leaving behind painful events and people NOT WORTH another tear and make her own way, creating the life she DESERVES!
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